Helping Spring Valley Residents Look & Feel Their Best

With hundreds of thousands of residents and the Strip just a few short miles away, Spring Valley has continued to grow and expand over the years. With residents of all ages, it’s safe to say that everybody deals with different pains & issues when it comes to the aging process. From droopy skin and thinning hair to problems losing those last few pounds or unwanted skin issues, everyone is different and has their own needs. At Dr. K Beauty we work with you to determine the treatment plan that best suits your unique needs without major surgery or extended recovery times. We’re proud to be Spring Valley’s go-to medical spa and provide our patients with lasting results & a wide array of treatments for any and all body types & needs.

Our Treatments Include

At Dr. K Beauty we continue to embrace the latest methods for treatment & the latest technology available. Our procedures are non-invasive and non-surgical which means you don’t have to go through months of planning. Our procedures are done in our office and you can typically get back to your daily routine immediately or within the next day.

Learn More Today

Whether you’re interested in learning more about our treatments or know what you need and would like to schedule an appointment, our friendly team of medical professionals are here to help you every step of the way. Dr. K Beauty is proud to help residents all throughout Spring Valley with any easier, hassle-free medical spa experience. Please call or visit our office today, we look forward to helping you!