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Introduction to Kybella

Specializing in the Double-Chin Reduction

At our boutique practice in Las Vegas, Kybealla is a very popular treatment used in the chin area of our patients. Kybella, an injectable drug that contains deoxycholic acid, is mostly used during mesotherapy, and now in the treatment of double chins. All treatments are performed by Dr. K, who has the experience and expertise to provide some of the best Kybella treatments in Las Vegas.

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Below, we’ve included information about the revolutionary treatment. If you’d like to book a consultation, please contact us today!

What is Kybella?

This treatment was approved in 2015 by the Food and Drug Administration. Deoxycholic acid enables fast absorption in your body. When the treatment is administered to your chin, it delivers the acid which dissolves the fat for absorption. You need around 3-6 treatments with one-month breaks in between to heal a double chin.

Your Kybella treatment for double chin reduction will be performed by Dr. K in our Las Vegas office.

Who are the Best Candidates for Kybella?

Kybella can be a fantastic way to get the chin and neck area you’ve always dreamed of. Below, we’ve included information on who the best candidates are:

  • Patients with a double chin
  • Patients who are in good overall health
  • Patients who can’t rid stubborn fat below the chin
  • Patients who are close to their ideal weight

What are the Benefits of Kybella?

Our patients have been raving about all of the wonderful benefits of Kybella. Below, we’ve included some of the major advantages that we’ve seen first hand.

  • There is little downtime with this treatment.
  • No surgery needed
  • The noninvasive treatment will help get rid of a double chin
  • The treatment is FDA approved

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What to Expect on the Day of Kybella?

Your Kybella treatment will likely be between three and six treatments approximately one month apart. During the sessions, Dr. K will administer a series of injections to tighten the area under the chin and eliminate fat cells. Each session will take approximately 15-20 minutes to complete.

Dr. K routinely performs Kybella for men and women patients all around the Nevada area. While all patients are a little bit different, there should not be any pain involved, as Dr. K will administer a topical numbing cream before the injections. Rest assured that Dr. K will be there every step of the way, and if you have any discomfort, feel free to speak up.

Some of our patients feel a slight burning after the procedure, however, this is very short-lived and nothing described has been major.

What’s the First Step?

The first step to getting Kybella in Las Vegas is always to book a consultation with Dr. K. During your appointment, you’ll be able to express your area of concern and ask questions. Dr. K will provide a thorough exam of your chin and neck area and give you her professional recommendations.

If you and Dr. K both feel that Kybella is the best solution for you, then we’ll go ahead with the first injection or we can book an appointment for a later date. While there is little to no downtime, please still follow any guidelines Dr. K provides about what you should and shouldn’t do following the procedure.

Remember, be as open and honest with Dr. K about your concerns. Great communication always leads to optimal results.

Kybella Recovery

What’s wonderful about this treatment is that there is little to no downtime. Some patients report redness or that they are a little bit swollen in the chin and neck area, but this typically subsides after a few days. Other than that, there can be some numbness in the area, but that will also go away after a day or so.

Even after your first treatment, you should see great results. Following each appointment, you’ll be able to see better and better results until we’ve reached the desired outcome.

Patients can return to the gym or their workouts 24 hours after their treatment.

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Why Choose Us?

Dr. K Beauty is a specialty medical spa that focuses on helping patients meet their aesthetic goals. The clinic is run and operated by Dr. K, who has been awarded Top Doc status. By coming to Dr. K Beauty for your medical spa needs, you’ll have the confidence knowing that your treatments will be provided by a medical doctor.

How Much Does Kybella Cost in Las Vegas?

The cost of Kybella in Las Vegas can vary on a number of factors. During your consultation, Dr. K will evaluate the targeted area and provide you with her expert recommendations on the best solution and a detailed breakdown of the costs.

Schedule Your Consultation

Many of our patients feel that the results they get from Kybella can feel life-changing, giving them the chin and neck they’ve always dreamed of. Dr. K is considered by her patients to offer the best Kybella treatment in Las Vegas. If you’d like to book a consultation or have any questions please contact us today.

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Double Chin Reduction FAQ’s

Is Kybella permanent?

What’s wonderful about this treatment is that once the fat cells are destroyed under the skin, they will not come back. This doesn’t mean that you won’t ever have a double chin again. It’s vital that you maintain a healthy lifestyle with a well-balanced diet so that you don’t regain more fat cells in the area.

Can Kybella create a better jawline?

The treatment has been proven to give a more appealing jawline. By removing fat cells and reducing a double chin, the jawline will appear more predominant.


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