Opus Skin Resurfacing: What Does It Do, and How Can It Help You?

Opus Skin Resurfacing: What Does It Do, and How Can It Help You?

Opus skin resurfacing is the latest skin rejuvenation procedure to reverse common signs of aging without surgery or injections. Also known as Opus Fractionated Plasma, When in comes to aging skin, lasse- based skin resurfacing has been the treatment of choice for decades. While the results are rewarding, it can come at a price – days, if not weeks of downtime. Men and women who want to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, acne scars, can receive Opus skin resurfacing treatment to gain back their confidence and achieve smoother, more youthful-looking skin, comparable or even superior to the laser treatments but with much less if any downtime. 

Here’s a closer look at how Opus Plasma treatment works and what it can do for your appearance.

How Does Opus Plasma Treatment Work?

Opus Fractionated Plasma is an anti-aging treatment that makes your skin look younger, smoother, and healthier by using electrical plasma technology to create tiny channels in the skin that induce collagen production. The handheld device used in Opus Fractionated Plasma treatment contains a series of small metal rods that emit electrical plasma energy when placed close to your skin. The tiny channels in your skin created by that electrical plasma force your skin to create collagen so it can trigger the healing process and make your skin look more youthful. 

The technicians who perform this procedure can adjust the intensity of energy emitted by this device based on your skin type and treatment goals. Most patients need only one treatment session to achieve their desired results, though some patients may have up to three treatments. All skin types (Fitzgerald’s I – VI) can be treat with this Opus Fractionated Plasma as opposed to Lasers- which only can treat fair skin types(Fitzgerald’s- I-III)

What Does Opus Plasma Treatment Do for Skin?

This cosmetic treatment offers a wide range of anti-aging benefits for men and women who want to turn back the clock, as it reduces signs of aging including photo damage (sun damage), fine lines, wrinkles, dullness, and scarring. 

Opus Fractionated Plasma can also improve skin textures to make your skin feel smoother and softer to the touch. If you struggle with sagging or drooping skin, Opus Fractionated Plasma works as a skin-tightening procedure to improve skin laxity and give it a more taut appearance. Opus Plasma can treat a number of areas on the face, neck and body – including post pregnancy stretch marks on the belly, or stetch marks on the arms buttoks or legs .

What Can I Expect from Opus Plasma Treatment Sessions?

Each Opus Plasma session lasts an average of 15 to 30 minutes, though some sessions may be shorter or longer depending on the size and number of areas being treated. You may feel some discomfort during this procedure, though our technician will offer you a topical anesthetic if you want to avoid any level of pain.

Opus Plasma procedures require no downtime—meaning you can resume your normal activities after your appointment; however, treated areas may be red and swollen for up to 48 hours. We recommend avoiding exposure to direct sunlight as your skin heals, and we will give you a list of skincare products to avoid that could compromise the quality of your results.

Can I Combine Opus Plasma Skin Resurfacing with Other Procedures?

Opus Plasma may be an ideal complement to other anti-aging procedures such as hair restoration treatment with PRP/PRF and EmSculpt body contouring. These procedures can help you feel even younger and treat areas of the body that can’t necessarily be improved with Opus Plasma. Our hair restoration treatments can stimulate hair growth in areas where hair is thinning, while EmSculpt body contouring can help you burn away pockets of fat and stimulate muscle growth in areas you haven’t been able to improve with diet and exercise.

If you’re not sure whether you can benefit from Opus Plasma treatment or our other procedures, we can evaluate your skin and appearance and discuss your treatment options during an initial consultation. We may also recommend other treatments that work better at fulfilling your unique aesthetic goals so you can get back to feeling younger, happier, and more confident about your appearance.

Where Can I Find Opus Plasma Skin Resurfacing Treatment?

Dr. K Beauty in Las Vegas offers Opus Plasma skin resurfacing and many other body wellness and anti-aging treatments that can help you look and feel like your best self yet. Contact us today at 725-215-7734 and schedule a free consultation to learn more about whether you’re an ideal candidate for Opus Plasma and other cosmetic treatments.


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