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Plasma Fibroblast Facial

A plasma fibroblast facial is a skin-tightening treatment for the face and neck that helps reduce signs of aging such as fine lines, wrinkles, and acne scars. A medical professional performs this non-surgical, non-invasive aesthetic procedure at a body wellness center, where it can be combined with one or more other anti-aging treatments to help […]

Skin Resurfacing: Laser vs. Opus Plasma

If your skin texture is affected by acne scars, or by fine lines and wrinkles, you may be interested in skin resurfacing. Skin resurfacing can also help with age spots and skin tightening, if you’ve got some skin laxity. Several treatment options are available when it comes to facial resurfacing. Want to find your best […]

Diluted Radiesse

There are a lot of dermal fillers on the market. Most fill just one role: to replace volume loss in your skin, reducing the appearance of moderate to severe facial wrinkles. When it comes to RADIESSE, however, things look a little different. This filler stimulates collagen production, lifting your skin and replacing lost volume. But, […]

What’s the Difference Between EmSculpt and a TENS Unit?

If you’ve been researching body contouring treatment options, you’ve likely heard about two methods for shaping your body: EmSculpt and TENS. And you may be wondering, since both non-invasive treatment methods get your muscles to contract, delivering body sculpting results with little to no down-time, how is EmSculpt different from TENS treatments? Today, we’ll offer […]

The Benefits of EmSculpt Body Contouring

EmSculpt may be the ideal cosmetic solution for those who want to lose fat, enhance their muscle toning efforts, and complement their summer body workout routine using non-invasive treatment. EmSculpt body contouring offers a wide range of benefits for those who want to look and feel their best, and who may need an additional nudge […]

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