Immunity Boosting IV Therapy

Immunity Boosting IV Therapy

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Intravenous IV Drip Therapy Las Vegas

Las Vegas’s Leading Choice for Drip IV Therapies brings you an Immunity Drip formula maximized to enhance your immune response. Strongly recommended for individuals with compromised or suppressed immune systems, and to help shorten the length of and the severity of common cold and FLU symptoms. Each takes a skilled individual to administer. Make your appointment with Dr. K. Beauty in Las Vegas for your Immunity Boosting Drip IV Therapy.

IV Vitamin Therapy in Las Vegas

Injected directly into the bloodstream, IV vitamin therapies provide 100% bioavailability, bypassing the GI Tract, providing instant benefits. Dr. K. uses only medical grade, highly concentrated combination of vitamins at her Las Vegas medical therapy office. The high quality vitamins and nutrients consist of all natural bio-identical ingredients, naturally found in our body and the organic foods we consume. What does that mean? The highest possible absorption rate and benefits from each therapy session.

As a medical doctor, Dr. K. offers her expertise in helping her patients experience all the benefits of IV Nutrtion therapy with the highest quality, medical prescription grade elements. Within the immunity boosting series you will see a combination specific to your needs of vitamins with immune boosting properties.

Nutrients Included in Immunity Boost IV Drip

Vitamin C: Helps assist the immune system by helping in the production of nearly all immune system cells an function when pathogens are detected. The antioxidant properties in Vitamin C also reduce inflammation and irritation in the tissues caused by free radicals.

Zinc: Helps with gene expression, enzyme functions, and infection prevention. It aids in cell growth, cell division and wound healing. Has shown to inhibit the process that causes mucus and bacteria that can build up in nasal passages. It has been concluded by some researchers that zince helps prevent colds from occurring.

Cobalamin (B12): Can act as a preventative measure for inflammation, immune dysfunction and disease prevention.

B-Complex (B1, B2, B3, B6, B9): The range of vitamins included in B-Complex has been linked to increased immune response, and a positive mental attitude.

Magnesium: Helps with DNA & RNA, helping to increase cellular absorption.

Why Choose Immunity Boosting IV Therapy?

Individuals with compromised immune systems may choose to protect themselves during FLU and allergy season by receiving an IV of vitamins specifically selected for their immune system building properties. Each dose and particular ingredient specifically blended for optimal performance within your immune system. Dr. K. has provided Immunity boosting IV therapy in Las Vegas for many years. Over that time she has witnessed first hand these drips routinely assist patients with compromised immune systems and those that want to reduce symptom severity and length of common colds, viral infections like inFLUenza and now COVID-19.

How Long Will IV Drip Therapy Take?

Therapy itself takes between 30-45 minutes, but plan to take an hour for the entire visit. IV Drip therapy is considered a stress-free therapy and during the drip many patients may look at their phones, read a book or even close their eyes. Prior to the therapy Dr. K. will evaluate your desired result and a series of questions, ensuring your complete satisfaction.


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