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Videos of Drew Barrymore & How Much She Loves EMSculpt

“I’m just exercising smarter,” says celebrity, Drew Barrymore. Admitting to finding “lines on her stomach that she has never seen before.” But you don’t have to take our word for it, see it with your own two eyes.


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If consistency is your issue then EMSculpt is your answer. As your leading Las Vegas EMSculpt provider, Dr. K. Beauty is available, to work with your flexible schedule, to help you shape your dream body. At 44 years old Drew Barrymore wanted to change her life and wanted to “condition her body so without injury.”


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If you “realize that being healthy and strong is really important,” perhaps EMSculpt is for you. After asking around to her friends, fellow actresses and athletes she kept hearing about EMSculpt. If they’re all doing it, then maybe it’s time you tried FDA approved EMSculpt to reach your goals faster, and with ease.


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Want to learn more about the way you view your workout, build muscle, and reach your fitness and body goals? Reach out to Dr. K. Beauty and find out exactly how EMSculpt can change your life.


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